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Team Optrix International

Eve Sweetman (VJ ICU) has been a Psychedelic Visual Artist for 6 years and is a part of an internationally recognized team of visual artists Team Optrix International.

Eve has been involved with events such as George Fm presents The Synthony at the Townhall 2017, 2018, 2019. She is the Video Director at events hosted by Nz Psytribe.


In the last three years ICU has been travelling back and forth to Australia and has been involved with Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019, Rabbits Eat Lettuce 2019, Earth Frequency Festival 2020.  Her art has been featured in Aotea Square for Auckland Live Art Week. Her style is unique, abstract and colourful displaying many different visuals artists creations from around the world.


My show combines my hand drawn images cut and stacked together with a host cutting edge computer graphics I’ve acquired through my network of animation artists. Designed especially for the outdoor 3-5 day festival goer, you’ll see images that elevate and entertain. Loading up with colour and movement you’ll be flying through abstract worlds while crunching deep thoughts to a collage of fractalized geometry. Full power, high frame rate, powerful visuals.

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