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Tünes Jones

Introducing Tūnes AKA Tünes Jones:


Destined for musical greatness, Tunes Jones' mother - an accomplished singer in her own right, gave birth to this legend while on tour in New Zealand. Although raised in Australia, Tunes has returned to New Zealand in recent years where he has become a driving force in the Electronic Music scene.


Growing up playing the drums, piano, guitar and more, Tunes is well versed in many forms of music and plays the decks as a live instrument, performing well orchestrated live sets accompanied by multiple live musicians, percussionists, singers and MCs while also playing percussion or guitar himself with his Good Vibe Tribe events.


With many festivals under his belt such as:

Rabbits Eat Lettuce AUS

Bohemian AUS

Earthbeat NZ


Spirit Festival


NZ Riverbeats

NZ Transvaders

NZ Adrift (Aust) and many more


In his accolades Tunes can also lay claim to being the:

Resident DJ and Promoter at Fitzroy Lounge Bar NZ

Ex Music Director and resident DJ of Parked Up NZ

Ex Resident DJ XBase and Hello Sunshine

Curator of Good Vibe Tribe Curator of Flower Child Events

Curator of Zodiac Events

Director of the Festival Forest Project which is implementing regeneration by festival goers to plant trees at multiple festivals around the country.


Listening to 150 to 300 plus new releases weekly Tunes is guaranteed to bring us all on an eclectic odyssey of music with the newest Techno, deep house, tribal house and tech house from around the world that has deep base lines, funky rhythms, progressive sounds, sweet melodies and a positive message.


Tunes is a man of the people, doing it for the love of music and the enjoyment of all, be sure not to miss the journey he will take you on. You won’t regret it!

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